The Right Niche Finder Is Essential

If you are at all interested in Internet business opportunities and in particular, Affiliate marketing, then there are of course a number of items that are top of the agenda. One of these items is of course finding the right Niche in order to find a suitable product to promote. Probably the best known of these products are the ‘Niche Finder’ by Brad Callen or ‘Market Samurai’ – these are both products that will help you find the Niches that you have the best chance to rank in.

The main aim of packages such as these is to help you not only find the right domain name for your particular niche, but also to analyse the competition. This means to check out their Google page rank, age of site, the number of sites linking to them – and what their rank is- All this is to give you the overall idea of how easy or difficult it would be for you to rank over them in the Google search. This is invaluable information and could save you wasting time and money. Both these Niche Finder packages take a lot of the sweat out of finding a proper niche as well as finding a suitable key word or key phrase that is also available as a domain name.

One of the most powerful on-page SEO tricks is to get your domain name included within the URL of the site. This is almost a ‘must have’ requirement especially if you are looking to build a site on a particular product within your chosen niche. In other words, if you are going to build a site in the Widget niche, then Niche Finder products such as these mentioned will search out the suitable key phrases that you need, and also tell you if the domains are available.

Again if you would be looking for a URL that reads something like if you are going to review widgets for instance. Top Tip – if the URL is not available then try adding a ‘v’ or ‘x’ at the end of the URL – Google will not recognize this and just read the URL without it – Great for getting ranked for a domain that is taken in the normal sense.

Finding a keyword within your chosen Niche can be a real pain as it is so time consuming, and yet to make the wrong choice of key phrase and then go to all the trouble to build a whole website around it – does not bear thinking about! I know from bitter experience believe me. Another top tip DO NOT sites if you want to get ranked by Google, for some reason they just don’t cut it in Google’s eyes. Again I have bought several such domains in the past only to waste time and money on them for no good results.