Micro Niche Finder – What to Expect When You Apply it Online

With so many keyword search tools available, it can be an overwhelming experience trying to find the best method of internet marketing to run with. Having spent hours researching this many have found the Micro Niche Finder, created by James Jones, to be an effective way of boosting sales.

There are some good free tools available of course. Most of these can be time consuming, and disruptive to simply getting on with daily business though; whilst for some people, it can just be too much of a chore. For others, because of the amount of work involved, and constant switching between applications, it can be difficult to ensure the best keywords have been found.

It is these people that the Micro Niche Finder can really benefit. Indeed, it can benefit anyone wanting to make the most of keyword searches, in a quick, effective and user friendly way.

What makes the Micro Niche Finder different from its competitor’s is given away somewhat by its name. By focusing its efforts on not only returning viable search results to key phrases and keywords, it also presents a comprehensive list of related keywords to your search term, that are more likely to get your site noticed. Using this technology highlights popular, yet infrequently used terms, allowing you to target your marketing far easier.

Straight from downloading the application, you can get to work with the well laid out and self explanatory interface. It is a simple matter of typing your search term in the search bar. As with most keyword search tools; the results with the Micro Niche Finder will be given together with count statistics.

One thing to look out for regards getting the “exact phrase count”; constantly clicking here on each returned term is likely to result in you being blocked by Google. However, by selecting all of the returned terms, you can get the exact phrase count for all results. Far more effective, and unlikely to have Google block your future searches.

Whilst naturally averse to paying for products when free alternatives exist, many have decided to shell out the $97 and give the Micro Niche Finder tool a go. With strong testimonials online, and a money back guarantee, it is easy to see why.

There are a number of people that have not been as impressed as perhaps some of Micro Niche Finder’s marketing would suggest. However when you get to the basics of the product, it rarely fails to deliver what it is being sold on. For less than a hundred bucks, the Micro Niche Finder is sensibly priced and should result in sales on the initial investment in a short amount of time for most.

Micro Niche Finder Review – How to Uncover Untapped Markets and Convert Them to Cash

There are quite a few ways that you can make money with the Micro Niche Finder software. When you first run the program, you have the option to search for any keyword for the particular market you are interested in. The Micro Niche Finder software quickly gives back all the results in five main rows of information. It is by manipulating these results that you can uncover untapped niche markets that have been completely overlooked by the masses. This article will briefly explain how to swoop in and completely dominate these markets in the search engines.

Before I explain all the specifics of how to increase your ROI with Micro Niche Finder software, I think I should give you a quick overview. You choose a keyword or topic that you are considering, and enter it into the “Search for:” bar. Depending on the market you are searching, you should quickly get a dump of the top search terms. These phrases are what you use to narrow your search, and identify the most profitable and least competitive search terms. Once you choose your keyword, you have the opportunity to use at least 5 (or more) unique methods of cashing in on those key phrases.

These methods of monetizing traffic are all based on creating unique, white hat, search engine optimized content. Blog posts, articles, social media site content and reviews are all common ways to add value. You can cash in by creating eBay feeder pages and earn commissions from new users registering. You can use Squidoo pages, HubPages, Myspace or Hi5 to claim your share of the overall revenue generated by the traffic. You can create PLR (Private Label Rights) articles packages and sell them for a quick profit. You can submit articles to directories like usfreeads.com, buzzle.com, EzineArticles.com, articlemarketer.com and goarticles.com to drive traffic to affiliate sites. All these methods are proven to work and start generating income.

When you run a search with the Micro Niche Finder software you get a list of possible niche markets to sell too. You get a list of phrases currently being searched for, a count of how many times the term is being searched for, a number of matches in Google as well as the number of exact phrase matches. As an added bonus there is also a section for judging the strength of competition in the particular niche. By sorting the results by least competition or most daily searches, you can identify exactly what phrases you will want to target in your marketing campaign. It all comes down to a simple two step process.

This two step process is often referred to as “divert and convert”. Its doesn’t matter if you use PPC, email, banners or you submit content. Your goal is to divert traffic from one site, and bring it over to your site. From here your mission becomes a process of converting the visitor into a buyer. The converting process isn’t just selling your own products either, you can use other people affiliate programs, use Adsense, pay per action, pay per lead as well as build a list of email subscribers. For both diverting and converting we have a number of methods that are enhanced by the Micro Niche Finder software.

Written content, audio, video and email auto-responders are by far the best ways of accomplishing the conversion phase. However with the diversion phase you will want to narrow the market you are working it. When you run a search term through the Micro Niche Finder software you can find the most profitable keywords that you can then dominate in Google and easily divert traffic to your customer converting website. What you are doing is finding those hidden “under-the-radar” keyword phrases that offer the best ROI.

Some other bonus features and alternate uses for the Micro Niche Finder software include:

  • Sort through available affiliate programs in your niche and rank them by profitability
  • Rank the competitiveness of a long tail keyword and focus on overlooked markets
  • Export your results to Excel and create a graph or chart for a visual representation of a markets competitiveness and desirability
  • Look over alternative keyword phrases

If you are looking for untapped markets to start working in, then you will want to spend just as much energy and time targeting your biggest opportunity. You will most likely find success when you uncover markets that have been completely overlooked by your competition. This way you can swoop in and get the best ranking in Google for your keywords. Research with Micro Niche Finder software has been extremely helpful in this area of market research.

How Does Micro Niche Finder Work?

If you have your own website and are keen to direct strong volumes of traffic to your site, Micro Niche Finder claims to be the perfect tool for you. Allowing you to comprehensively research anything to to do with keywords, keyword strings and fields, you could get a step ahead of your competition in the market and hopefully increase the number of customers.

Micro Niche Finder is essentially a piece of software allowing you to search on key words and phrases, and return a host of results of key words that will allow you to target the marketing of your site in a more structured, methodical and success orientated way.

Having been around for some time, Micro Niche Finder has built up a strong reputation and has strong testimonials and reviews out there backing up the claims for success. Downloadable to your desktop, it is a quick and convenient way to start building your site. With an excellent guide, complete with tips and suggestions, as well as possible pitfalls you could fall into, it provides a complete package to help you on your way to success.

Whilst allowing for broad searches, the real key to the success and longevity of this tool is, as its name suggests, is the niche search, allowing for structured and random searches to be performed to target possible sectors in the market yet to be exploited.

Simple and easy to use, with a very appealing and user-friendly interface, upon running the tool, you just enter the word or phrase you wish to target. Results will be returned that are then ranked according to their effectiveness. Listed in a simple to understand traffic light display, those with the best probable results will be flagged green, those requiring a little more work will be orange, and those that are unlikely to yield any immediate success will be highlighted red.

Prior to the launch of Micro Niche Finder, it was generally regarded to approach niche’s in the market where you had some previous experience, be it online or in real world scenarios. Since this provision has been accessible to all however, that isn’t always necessary and, with a little research and work you can reasonably expect to get some more than impressive results.

Other features in the package allow you to drill further down into the results, that will allow to you look at how your competition is performing, to find relevant content to post and a search facility to link up to any appropriate affiliate products. Another superb feature is the domain search facility, allowing you to register that traffic winning domain name. After all location, location, location is just as relevant a mantra to eCommerce traffic as it is in real estate.

Whether you are an experienced marketeer, or just starting out on your venture, the Micro Niche Finder is an ideal tool that, whilst not guaranteeing you success, is certainly a guaranteed way of making those huge profits more of a reality.