Micro Niche Finder Product Review

I have been an affiliate marketer for about 5 years now and I concentrate on niche marketing. I have found over the years that finding untapped niche markets can make me a whole lot of money. The problem is that it takes forever to do all of the research to figure out if a particular niche can be profitable. It is possible to use Google and search through short and long tail keywords manually but what a pain. Once I found some great keywords, then I had to manually figure out how much competition each niche had.

Many people think that niches are overrun with people marketing them and this just isn’t true. For anyone broad niche, there are usually several if not dozens of additional sub niches. The key is to find these “golden sub niches” and market to them. You want to find the hungry buyers so that you can feed them what they want. These sub niches can be gold mines because they are often over looked and under marketed.

Another way to go at the higher competition niches is to find lower competition search words. That way you can still market to the larger niche but you will target the key words that don’t have as many hits. You will have a much better chance of standing out with key words that have only 1000 to 2000 searches as opposed to keywords with searches that are over 100,000.

The problem with finding these lower searched keywords and the smaller golden nugget sub niches is that this all takes a lot of time and energy. Depending on your work and family schedule, you might only be able to identify one sub niche every week or two. Then you have to find good key words, etc. What you need is a tool that will allow you to do all of this quickly and easily. Yes it is possible to find those golden nugget niches quickly and easily! It’s called Micro Niche Finder and it is a gem for anyone looking to make money online.