How Micro Niche Finder Saves You Time by Finding Profitable Niches

Keyword Research Tool

Micro Niche Finder is a powerful keyword analysis tool – and as you know, keywords are at the heart of SEO (search engine optimization).Keywords are money. Target wrong keywords you are doomed because what is the point to have a beautiful website when no one finds you.

MicroNicheFinder uncovers niche markets that have been overlooked by most affiliate marketers because they are “too small”. Micro Niche Finder allows you to find these small profitable market niches and then dominate them because your competition is low and demand is high.

One thing I especially like is that James has provided very clear video demonstrations that are so easy to follow to.
You just pay once and no more monthly fees,..and future updates are free.

Keyword Research

Want to find profitable niches? And lots of them?
Keyword research software called Micro niche finder will do the job.
One of the best features about MicroNicheFinder is the Strength of Competition Indicator (SOC) that is built in.

You just click on the SOC button and it gives you a number and a colored icons.

GREEN = meaning the strength of competition is low. It should be relatively easy to rank in Google for this term.
RED = strong competition. Avoid it.
YELLOW = You need work to do, but possible.

When you click on the button or icon you can dig more and see backlinks,titles.

All these info will be available to you.

inanchor – the # of webpages with backlinks containing this term in the anchor text.
intitle – the # of webpages with the term in the title tag.
inurl – the # of web pages with the key phrase in the URL.

I have never seen any other software on the market which comes close to having ALL the functionality that James Jones has packed into Micro Niche Finder.

Some of the the Benefits of Micro Niche Finder Research software are:

Search Counts
Broad Match Counts
Ad Cost
SOC – Strength of Competition
Narrow Dig on selected phrase
Google Trends
Domain Lookup
Broad Dig
Amazon Search
Select the country to search
Copy Phrase
Copy All Phrases
Import and Export Keywords
Manage searches
Hot Trends
Brainstorm Hottest Ideas
Exact Phrase Search
Google Unlicensed (Commercial) Content
Google Unlicensed (Non-Commercial) Content
Google Product Search
Google News Search
Clickbank Marketplace Search
Search for Affiliate Programs
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