3 Things You Need to Know in Order to Use a Ceramic Tile Finder Successfully

Tiles most of us have them in our homes, normally in our bathrooms, kitchens and also as flooring. In this article we are going to look at the best way of using a tile finder in order to source the tiles of your choice.

If you are wondering what the purpose of a tile finder is the answer is two-fold and quite simple.

a) One purpose of a tile finder is as a very simple tool you can use to browse and view thousands of designs, patterns and textures in order to choose tiles that will go with your decorative plan. For this reason tile finders are classically used by design consultants.

b) Another key use is by people looking to add to or replace tiles they already have. For example it may be that they have extended a room and need to add to an existing area of tiling with tiles that match exactly. Also people turn to them when looking to replace lost or damaged ceramics.

Whatever the reason here are three things you will need to know in order to do the job well.

1) Size of area to be covered – Sounds obvious but unless you know this information you will not be able to make a purchase and may lose out on a deal. Simply measure the width and height of the area you want to cover and multiply one value by the other in order to calculate the area to cover.

2) Tile Size – Why not think about this and make a decision up front about the size of tiles you are going to use. Larger tiles make a room look smaller but also reduce the amount of time required to decorate.

3) Batch No – If you are adding to or replacing worn tiles make sure you have details of the make and batch id of the tiles you are trying to source. This will allow a good tile finder to go straight to the product you are after.